Using Our Site

The IMG website is designed to give you easy access to our online information and services. The questions below can help you determine what areas of our site would be beneficial to you.

*Are you looking for international insurance?
If so, please select "About IMG" to learn more about the organization and the coverage we offer.

*Are you currently covered by a plan administered by IMG?
There are several services available to you online. You can search for a medical provider within the independent Preferred Provider Organization, download forms, and update your personal information with IMG. Simply select "Current Clients" and you can view the services available.

*Are you an insurance broker/agent interested in selling IMG products?
Please select "Producer Area" and then see the Non-Contracted Producers section. You will learn more about the company and have the opportunity to sign up online to become a contracted producer with IMG.

*Are you currently a contracted producer with IMG?
If you are already contracted with IMG, you have access to several producer resources including your production information. Select "Producer Area" and you will be linked to these services.